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Friday, April 27, 2007


Guys, Voice email is here.Simple yet technicalyl advanced service which lets one to leave voice emails to anyone anywhere in the world.


All we got to do is

1.Register and get your Vpin and give this Vpin to anybody who would call you

2.Ask the caller to dial in the appropriate # below

From within Bangalore: 30523633
From within India: 080 30523633
From a cell phone: +91 80 30523633
From outside India: +91 80 30523633

3.After dialing the # they must punch in your Vpin and leave the Voice
4.You would have your Voice emails awaiting in your inbox

Isn't this great
1.No more waiting awake late night, awaking early in the morning so as to speak to friends, relatives abroad :-)

Kudos to the VOIEE TEAM :-)

Lets talk about Advertising in this

So what would be the avenues for advertising in this system.........................?

1.Advertisements on their website
2.Include Advertiser's voice over when somebody leaves Voice messages and also while receiving

I am just wondering how the pricing model would be ?
Would it be similar to Google's "Pay per call" where advertiser would be charged based on # of calls he gets?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doubleclick's DFA

Hari, Thanks for your comment.As you asked let me tell few informations about Doubleclicks DFA.

Primarily DFA, is an Advertiser's Ad Serving tool.That is Advertiser"X" would advertiser their ad across multiple websites.So as to streamline their online campaigns, they must colate all publisher's(Web Site)report and further Campaign management becomes critical.

So with the tools like DFA, the advertisers would generate HTML tags, which can be sent across to all the planned publishers for campaigning. As a result of this creative management, optimization even targetting can be done at advertiser end instead relying on the publisher.

Hari we also have lots of other tools like this in the market

For more information on DFA please visit "http://www.doubleclick.com/us/products/dfa/"

-Raja Ramachandran

Monday, April 23, 2007

AOL to Roll out Customized Video Programs And Online TV In India

As we all know AOL is going to be launched soon in india.AOL President and COO Ron Grant is going to be in India next week for the launch. The news I read is the initial launch of AOL would contain online video programming and online TV.
Also it will feature movies from Turner's TNT network and animations from cartoon network.Also I read that intially these services going to be offered free.The company has registered both domains - aol.in and aol.co.in, though both are presently cloaked.

I always love to traffic Streaming Medias.
Tips for Trafficking Streaming media
Factors to be considered are
1.Streaming speed(56kbs,120Kbs,300kbs,....)
2.Companion unit(gif/jpeg)if the website supports(foxnews is a best example).
3."Video acceleration" option which is used to change streaming speed in your Video player plugin to boost the performance of your video ad

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Google to acquire online advertising firm DoubleClick for $3.1 billion

People, recently google has acquired Doubleclick for $3.1bill.And this act is very transparent that google is planning to get into banner advertising business.

Source : " BusinessWeek, Hindu"

Google has agreed to pay $3.1 billion to acquire online advertising firm DoubleClick that has a vibrant advertising business for banners, videos and display ads which are often intended more to promote brands than to generate immediate sales.The acquisition of DoubleClick, which had been the target of a fierce bidding war between Microsoft and Google, is expected to help Google secure an entry into the promising business of display advertising and thwarts Microsoft in online search.Google and DoubleClick have said their combination will offer media buyers and sellers more powerful tools for targeting and analyzing online advertisements and serving them on an even larger network of websites.