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Raja Ramachandran

Friday, April 27, 2007


Guys, Voice email is here.Simple yet technicalyl advanced service which lets one to leave voice emails to anyone anywhere in the world.


All we got to do is

1.Register and get your Vpin and give this Vpin to anybody who would call you

2.Ask the caller to dial in the appropriate # below

From within Bangalore: 30523633
From within India: 080 30523633
From a cell phone: +91 80 30523633
From outside India: +91 80 30523633

3.After dialing the # they must punch in your Vpin and leave the Voice
4.You would have your Voice emails awaiting in your inbox

Isn't this great
1.No more waiting awake late night, awaking early in the morning so as to speak to friends, relatives abroad :-)

Kudos to the VOIEE TEAM :-)

Lets talk about Advertising in this

So what would be the avenues for advertising in this system.........................?

1.Advertisements on their website
2.Include Advertiser's voice over when somebody leaves Voice messages and also while receiving

I am just wondering how the pricing model would be ?
Would it be similar to Google's "Pay per call" where advertiser would be charged based on # of calls he gets?


Deepak Samaga said...

Hi Raja,

Thanks for the review. We are as excited as you are in bringing in this product to the users.

We have a lot of exciting features and enhancements lined up for premium accounts and for the business community. Will keep you posted, meanwhile do continue using the service and giving us your inputs.


Deepak Samaga said...

Hi Raja,

Wanted to give you a quick update. Have introduced a Voiee Widget. Do check it out and let me know what you think.