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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quigo's here, beware Google and Yahoo

Google and Yahoo one of the few web tycoons which predominates in performance based advert model.

We all very well know that unless one transforms frequent innovative ideas into reality, his/her product is doomed to loose its market value.

This statement has become very true when "Time Inc" annouced their merge with Quigo to provide PPC based campaigns on Time Inc network magazines which was previously handled by Google and Yahoo.Time Inc collaboration with Quigo is to gain access on Quigo's "Ad sonar" a performance based ad network.The other companies which has changed to Quigo are ESPN.com, Forbes.com and FoxNews.com.

The reason for this change to "Ad Sonar" is because of its excellent targeting and simple yet transparent reporting capabilities.Their ‘AdSonar’ technology allows advertisers to target ads contextually with specific keywords, by website section or by individual webpage.

Recognizing the demand for control and transparency, Google recently introduced placement performance reports so that, as per Quigo, advertisers can see where their ads have appeared along with site performance metrics(Refer to my earlier post title "Google Adwords now provides Placement Performance reports")

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Growing Ad Network a threat to Ad server Vendors

In the last 1 year, our online advertising market has seen lots of Ad network being established, and few other international ad network eying to start up their operations in potential market.Given this situation, publishers are of great demand and the ad networks does all it can to attract the publishers.As a part of this, Ad networks has started to offer Free Ad servers.

Normally, every Ad network ties up with some ad serving vendor, so as to run ad operation across its network websites.But with the prevailing competition between Ad networks, as an attracting formula the Ad networks provides FREE Ad server, which they have built in-house and which comes with fully loaded features alike commercial Ad server such as campaign management, Targeting, Report, Compatible to rich Media, Real Time campaign Monitoring and optimizing. A publisher must sign with this Ad network to avail this free Ad server.Further this ad server are .ASP based, Hosted model type, and publisher doesn't have to host it(BIG Sigh of Relief).

Can't Believe ?

Few months ago, Right Media made a bold move and announced their Publisher Media Exchange product will enable publishers to have free ad serving and manage their inventory.

Very recently Exponential, a parent company of Tribal Fusion has announced that it is going to offer Free ad Server "Expo9" to its Publisher, this server is currently doing its Beta Phase.

hey kool toon huh, howz my creativity :-)

However Open source Ad server "Open ads" and any other would be popular among small and medium segment websites, or even with some small ad networks.With this new trend, speculations prevails that this would influence even the BIG Ad serving Vendors like Doubleclick, RealMedia, ...to consider providing the service free of cost.

Lets see what this BIG players have to say

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

High Rich Media, Video adverts likely to get more conversions

A recent study has revealed that online adverts encompassing video and high quality Rich Media creative movie has better conversion than normal gif and simple flash adverts.

Some findings from the study
  • Purchase Intent: An Expandable Interactive HD3D ad was nearly twice as likely to generate a “Very Likely” to buy response (the highest rating on a five point scale) among users than an In-Page Flash ad, representing a 78 percent purchase intent lift.
  • Brand Awareness: A Video Wall ad generated the most brand awareness; 23 percent of respondents exposed to this type of ad were able to freely recall the advertised product - that's a 229 percent unaided brand awareness lift over the tested GIF ad.
  • Ad Favorability: An In-Page Video ad generated a 108 percent ad favorability lift compared with a GIF ad.
  • Brand Favorability: An Expandable Video ad was nearly twice as likely to generate a "Very Favorable" opinion about the brand advertised than an In-Page Flash ad among respondents - a 77 percent brand favorability lift
Furthermore, rich media vendor "Unicast" has told that its high definition 3d Ad formats has outperformed gif and simple rich media


Apparently the study is not based on Indian market.I would like to recall my previous post about longer online video adverts outshines shorter video adverts, but in current India this wont work as we have broad band limitations.I think, the same reason would holds good for this.I totally agree high definition ad has good user influencing level, but the time it takes to render would downplay the websites user's experience.

So, I think most of the publishers(websites) would not take risk to give their customers a bad user experience, than giving good ROI to their advertisers.

So I foresee in Indian online advertising market the gif's and simpler flash creative going to show its dominance say for the next 1~1.5 years before we see high definition creative.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ads on Multiple Sites Gives Higher Conversions

Advertising overlap on multiple sites has a significant impact on consumer conversions which has been revealed by the study"How Overlap Impacts Reach, Frequency and Conversions," conducted by aQuantive's Atlas Institute.

The study finds that consumers are more likely to convert after viewing ads on multiple websites; therefore, it would be more accurate for marketers to attribute conversions to a full set of impressions and/or clicks rather than the current industry standard of attributing all online conversions to the last impression (or last "click"), according to Atlas.

Some key findings from the study:

  • Consumers reached across multiple publishers were twice as likely to convert as those reached solely through a single publisher.
  • 90 percent of the consumers that converted were reached by placements other than the last ad seen.
  • Two out of three consumers who eventually took a responsive action were reached by ads across multiple portal sites before converting.

A previous Atlas Institute study, "The Combined Impact of Search and Display Advertising," found that sponsored search and display advertising together provide a 22 percent higher conversion rate over search alone.

Source MarketingVox

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Google Adwords now provides Placement Performance reports

Google has announced a new ad words report known as "Placement performance Report", which would enable advertisers to see where on the google Ad network their campaign is active.This report gives more visibility to the advertisers to analyse where their campaigns are more effective and not effective, so they can tweak the campaigns accordingly by tagerting to the sites which gives good results and off target sites/optimize which doesn't gives good results.Furthermore, the advertisers can use this report along with conversion tracking tool "Google analytics" for further campaign study to optimize for better performance.

Moreover this report also provides datas such as domain, URL, impression, click, conversion and cost data, as well as aggregated metrics for traffic generated from AdSense for domain sites.

As an initial phase this report would be available only to US advertisers, indeed this would be available to global market very soon.Sources also says that as a response to users request Google has made this report available(Good Google la)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Debut Podcast

I am one of the gained participants from the podcasting workshop that took place recently in chennai. It was very fruitful and enhanced my knowledge on how to audio and video stream.

I thought I should roll out some of my own stream, so I constructed my very first audio stream.You may listen to it.Thanks

My Debut-Audio Streaming

I thank all the event organisers and wish them all success for their future events

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Facts about online Video Adverts

Recently a study "Frames Of Reference" was conducted by Online Publishers Association to measure the effectiveness of online video ads.The study has been carried out on 1241 internet users having age between 12 & 64 and who belonged to US The study revealed some interesting and valuable informations about online videos
  • News videos are the most frequently watched than any other videos(so advertisers can target more news related publishers)
  • 5% of internet users watch video daily, 24% watch video once in a week, and 46% watch once in a month
  • Online Video viewers are frequent consumers of multiple media like email, chat,.etc.So this point tells us that the viewers are cross-media consumers
  • Letting others know about the online video seen has become common
  • Online Video viewers are predominantly young male and affluent
  • Online users uses 2~5 different websites to see videos
  • 42% of the users uses search engine to search videos
  • Email is the most frequent way to share online videos
  • Viewers comes from attractive demographics
So, what the study has for online video adverts, it says
  • Long Video ads outshine shorter online video ads.So 30sec online video advert has a greater response than 15sec short video adverts
  • Online Video ads has good reception and further it results in user's action through videos
I think, longer video adverts would not work out in current India, as we still have broadband connection speed @ 2mbps, whereas in a country like US which has broadband speed up to 50mbps these factors sensible.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Be a part in India's Biggest Event on Audio & Video Podcasting

Podworks has organised for a 2 day audio and video podcast workshop in chennai(I got registered WOW ! )I believe this workshop would help us out to know about podcast to a great extent.
Podworks says you do NOT need to be a podcaster to attend a PodWorks. If you're interested in podcasting, if you're a listener, a blogger, a musician, an internet enthusiast, or just someone curious about podcasting and new media, then please join us -- and bring a friend or colleague.

For registrations Click Here

Venue Details
Date: June 9 & 10, 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Tidel Park Auditorium, Chennai.
Cost: Rs.200

Not sure on the timings, pls check

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Soaring of junk emails in India

Today I came across an article in "Alootechie" , which has mentioned that 91% of the emails received in india are junk.

Does it mean that indian online industry is in spree with all the viral and email marketing(opt-out) :-)

I think we should educate ourselves on all spam filtering and other options available in the email software to keep ourselves out of junk emails.However the best part is, India ranks the lowest when it comes to virus attacks through emails :-)

Friday, June 1, 2007

AOL bought major stake in Adtech AG

In my previous post I jotted chain of reactions where major Search engine giants and leading publisher acquired major ad technology and ad network companies, following it is another BIG WWW and it is none other than AOL.Infact its a little late news(May17th) which I came across today, so I thought should pen down few infos which I have gathered.

AOL has bought major controllable stake in a german based Ad technology company "Adtech AG" however its financial transactions were not disclosed.

This action is to strengthen AOL's Ad network "Advertising.com" .This buy would give AOL's "Advertising.com" access to Adtech AG ad server "Helios IQ" . Also, before acquiring "Adtech AG", AOL has also acquired Mobile Ad network "Third Screen Media"

So who is in talks with
Eyeblaster, Tangozebra, valueclick, ..........?