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Raja Ramachandran

Monday, April 23, 2007

AOL to Roll out Customized Video Programs And Online TV In India

As we all know AOL is going to be launched soon in india.AOL President and COO Ron Grant is going to be in India next week for the launch. The news I read is the initial launch of AOL would contain online video programming and online TV.
Also it will feature movies from Turner's TNT network and animations from cartoon network.Also I read that intially these services going to be offered free.The company has registered both domains - aol.in and aol.co.in, though both are presently cloaked.

I always love to traffic Streaming Medias.
Tips for Trafficking Streaming media
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3."Video acceleration" option which is used to change streaming speed in your Video player plugin to boost the performance of your video ad

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hari said...

Hi Raja,

I am hari, i have interest in online adserving. can u just tell me...

What is DFA?How it actually helps the online ads work well?