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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Microsoft acquires ADECN

The acquisition spree still continues all the big www still continuing their shopping.

The recent acquisition is by "Microsoft", which has acquired Ad exchange network "ADECN".ADECN, provides a base for all the ad networks to bid, buy and sell their ad spaces in real time.As everybody knows ADECN is a competitor of RightMedia, which is a product of Yahoo.So it is apparent that there would be a tough tie bewteen microsoft and Yahoo.

With the development of network with microsoft, the ADECN has major scope of taking their ad exchange network to new heights.

My view while this trend continues is, the e market place becomes shorter and shorter and leaving marketers with limited options.But at the same time I am sure that, these changes would enable production of more sophisticated techniques for better ROI.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AOL acquires TACODA

AOL has recently announced that it will acquire behavioral ad network TACODA.Sources close to the situation has informed that AOL would pay $275 million in cash to TACODA.

TACODA enables advertisers to serve ads based on the online behavior of consumers. With this functionality AOL will be able to extend its targeting capabilities, as well as the reach of its third-party display network, the largest in the US.Moving forward, TACODA will function as a wholly-owned AOL subsidiary.

Last June eMarketer reported that the behavioral targeting market was expected to increase to $3.8 billion by 2011, up from $350 billion in '06.

More details on Marketing VOX

I personaly feel that Behavioral Targeting in india has started catching its fire with Komli ad network started to provide BT, Yahoo started to provide smart ads which is again BT, with AOL acquiring TACODA, soon AOL India might start providing BT.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sequential Advertising a new strategy in online video

A new kid from heavy.com.As the name implies the advertisement's content would be thrown sequentially throughout the video.The idea behind this is to include series of narrative elements /story board which would hold the viewers till the last sequence of the advertisement.
Is not this concept sounds similar to the one we have come across TV and newspaper?I have seen print ads developed based on the similar concept by printing various sequence of an advertisement across various pages therby keeping the viewer's spirits up throughout the movie.
Sequential advertising offers a way of engaging viewers instead of repeatedly exposing them to the same creative or a series of disjointed ads. “We’ve seen a real problem with some advertisers,” said Heavy.com’s co-CEO, Simon Assaad, via MediaWeek.Mike’s Hard Lemonade will be one of the first advertisers to test out the new strategy this week, as it will run multiple related video ads within Heavy’s programming.

Having the history that longer video ads gives good conversion, this new kid has huge room to success for branding campaigns

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mid Roll a new advert concept in streaming media

So far while trafficking streaming medias(Video/Audio) we have used Pre roll and post roll audio/video adverts.Now we got company
Sneak Peak

Pre roll-Here the streaming Audio/Video advertisement rolls before the actual media content
Post roll-Here the streaming Audio/Video advertisement comes once the actual content is finished.

Podbridge, the leading provider of analytics and ad insertion services for downloadable video and audio content, today announced that it has partnered with Personal Life Media, Inc. and has come up with a new idea to insert streaming advert at the middle of the content, technically known as Mid-roll position.These ads are dynamically inserted through their sophisticated Ad server based on campaign parameters. Publishers determine ad insertion locations, which can vary ad lengths and bundle multiple ads together to offer integrated ad packages that are most valuable to marketers. In addition, the feature of fade–ins and fade-outs of ads within the show content enable a smoother, more professional consumer experience.

For more details please Click Here

Monday, July 16, 2007

Web2.0 concept on Banner ads

We have seen quite a lot of Ad types such as normal Gif/jpeg banner, Over the page, interstitials, streaming audios/Videos and also full page ads.Recently a new ad type has been launched whose connotation perfectly syncs with the industry type it belongs.

The banner allows one to transact on a secured layer.A viewer can actually see, learn and be able to buy a product without going beyond the banner ad.This concept has been introduced by the London based agency fhlame, and they call it as "Tailgate".This concept makes a prospect buyer's life easier by preventing him/her from going to advertiser's website to transact.

Try the Demo Click Here

Though this concept does good role in making transaction easier, certain significant factors that needs to be considered are
  • Who would store the transacted data?If the fhlame maintains, how many advertisers would feel comfortable despite knowing the possible chances to misuse collected data for other similar advertisers
  • The banner ad content would get congested.Lets say for a mobile handset advertisement, the advertiser has to put even the technical specs along with other infos of the mobile for one to buy.But the trend so far is, the creative which has minimal content does good conversions
This idea seems to be time effective however when we look at the other influencing market research data, this idea has to be further tunned.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Targeted Ads in IPTV

IPTV:Internet protocol Television.It is a technically advanced service, by which one can view television content over the computer networks instead viewing on traditional TV broadcasting networks.

Juniper one of the leading computer network component manufacturer which has come up with a router(E120), which has the capability to serve ads according to geographical, behavioral and demographic information of the viewer.Having this ability to gather information from viewers, the advertisers will be better able to target the ads delivered through IPTV.So, marketers firmly believes that there would be better conversions for that with the current small IPTV viewer population the ads delivered have a better chance to being seen by the right viewer at the right time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MediaSeed- New Arrival

Media Seed a new tool that allows advertisers and publishers to upload, distribute and track the videos.With this tool, the Clients can upload video and other rich media content to the dashboard, syndicate the content and then track user views through the Teletrax service.

"Video on the Internet is a key target [for public relations professionals]," said Laurence Moskowitz, CEO, MediaLink.

With MediaSeed, Advertisers can create their online communities for their product or services or even build their brand image.Research has shown that building micro sites and offering users a platform to share their ideas has become crucial.This would enable one to engage their audience to grow their brand image.

To name some real paradigms, are "Gangofgirls.com" (Sunslik), "Itchguard.com"(Itch Guard),...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yahoo!'s Smart Ads a Behavioral Targeting

First, a bite of what's Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting:It is the most advanced level of targeting, wherein a program would monitor users behavior and collects data, when the program reaches a sufficient data level, it would throw advertisements relevant to the collected data.(pros-Highly Targeted customers!!!)

Yahoo recently launched such a service which is a pancake for its customer which is known as SmartAds and currently doing its Beta trial.This innovative, Patent-Pending Ad Delivery Platform allows Marketers to Present Highly Targeted Online Display Ads in Real Time to Match a User's Distinctive, Expressed Interests.Todd Teresi, Yahoo’s senior vice president of display marketplaces said that the product will start in travel and is expected to expand by the end of the year to retail and automotive.

He adds an example

If a person looking for a sporting event in another city, a travel ad may pop up that provides the lowest rate from the user’s location to the destination city. For auto advertisers, Teresi says creative may include geographically relevant images with local dealer offer. He calls it a “template assetized approach,” stating, “All of a sudden, the ad experience becomes more relevant.”

As of now, SmartAds is being sold by direct sales, but may be made available through an auction-based system or an automated format. Teresi reported that during its testing period, SmartAds displayed a click-through rate that was two to three times higher than other traditional ads using target placements techniques.

I would greatly appreciate Y!'s effort to provide better ROI, but how the service would be priced? a premium based?