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Raja Ramachandran

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dealing with ClickCommand of Flash

Flash ".swf" is constructed by Action scripts.There are certain funtions which are used to make flash clickable.They are

  • FSCommand
  • ClickTag

FSCommand:Few years back it was popular.Now that it results compatible issues with many browsers it is not widely used.And even many Ad servers does not support this Function


" on (release) {

fscommand ("URL1", " ");


ClickTag:This function is almost programmed in allmost all the Flash ".swf" creative units.Alike FSCommand this function enables the flash to be clickable

Syntax :

  • For ".swf" Upto Version6

on (release)


getURL (clickTag, "_blank");



on (release)
{ getURL (_level0.clickTag, "_blank");

  • For ".swf" Above Version6
on (release)
getURL (clickTAG, "_blank");


on (release)
{ getURL (_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");

Traffickers please ensure you do not use ".swf" which has embedded URL unitl explicitly requested by the client.The embedded URL would have the syntax similar to the one below

on (release)
getURL ("http://www.rajaramachandran.blogspot.com", "_blank");

We do not use ".swf" which has URL embedded becasue this wouldn't allow Ad server to record clicks, as the landing page would be triggered from ".swf" part and no request would be made to the Ad server .

Note:Traffickers please note, I would recommend to use "Action script" viewer to check flash before uploading on Ad servers.Lots of Action script viewer is available on the Internet.

Click Here to download Action Script Viewer
P.S.For accurate information always use full version and do not rely on data of the demo version


Rajalakshmi said...

Hi All

The flash file's click tag can be modified by a s/w called"Action Script Editor".Also Raja mentioned that the files with embedded urls should not be used,but those files can be editted using this software and used for trafficking.


Raja Ramachandran said...

Great piece of info raji

Much appreciated

Raja Ramachandran said...

I tried the software, it was nice.
By this, one can edit ".swf" file even without having ".fla" file.

So whoever receives incorrect clicktag, no more waiting for the revised ".swf"/working with ".fla" with macromedia.Just open this simple software, edit and you are done :-)

Anonymous said...

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