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Raja Ramachandran

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Important Facts about Flash and How to Traffick Flash

General Facts:
Flashhhhhhhhhh, the most popular creative type among the Advertisers who advertises for branding.Ok, now that we all know flash creative looks more attractive than gif's/jpegs and so its influencing rate is more, So it is normally deployed for branding.

Trafficking Guidelines for Flash(Normal Flash banner)
Usually advertisers would send us ".swf" some pronounce as "swif" file and a "Gif/jpeg" and a landing page URL.

(1)What I need to have to traffick Flash ads on the Ad server and how ?

To traffick Flash ads you MUST need

  • ".swf" file, some pronounces as "swif" file
  • "Gif/jpeg" of the same size as ".swf" to serve as a backup(Optional-But highly recommended to use)
  • Landing Page URL
With the above files one must generate "Sniffer code".And this sniffer code must be pasted in the Rich Media field of the Ad server in use .Remember to also upload its corresponding ".swf, Gif/jpeg". You are done, now you can preview your ad and click thru it.

(2)What is a sniffer code and why should I use it?

In general older web browser would not display flash ads scheduled on a site, so the user would apparently see a blank screen.In order to avoid the blank screen we use "gif/jpeg".Practically sensing the version of web browser and activating the back up gif/jpeg would be taken care by a code called as "Sniffer" :-) isn't it interesting ?

(3)How do I generate sniffer code?

All the Publisher and TPS Ad server would have options to generate sniffer code.


  • Always ensure that you upload the same ".swf" and "gif/jpeg" which you used to generate sniffer code, because the creative names would be called inside the sniffer, otherwise you would not get preview
  • All the above informations holds good for trafficking normal flash banners and not full page flash ads or any interstitials flash ads whose dimensions is not fixed.

I hope this article must have given idea on what a flash is and how to traffick it on the Ad server

-Raja Ramachandran


hari said...

What is TPS Adserver? The Traffic process wht u have said here is for DFA or DFP or for both?

Raja Ramachandran said...

TPS stands for Third party Served.

(E,g)Lets assume advertiser "A" want to advertise on publisher "B". so "A" gives creative units to "B" but these creative units would be served from a different Ad server "C" which is a third party.In general TPS Creative would be in the form of Tags(IFrame/Javascripts).So we call it TPS Tags

The trafficking process which I have outlined is general and not limited to any Ad server.Those informations holds good for all server which you would use.

hari said...

What is a ClickTag and clickthrough? How it works? How it is useful and Why? Please explain!

Raja Ramachandran said...

Kindly refer to my New Article on Click Tag for flash

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