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Raja Ramachandran

Thursday, May 24, 2007

RSS Versus Newsletter

Hint: RSS --- Newsletter Reloaded

My confusion all started when, I started to know what an RSS is. After exploiting it to a level , I was deeply confused, because we already have a similar service which is a "Newsletter", so what’s special about RSS

I carried out my analysis for quite a few days to find out

Let’s get to the analysis

RSS:A service which would allow one to subscribe for dynamic contents and can be later read through specialized applications(for details refer to my blog " RSS-Buzz Word ")

Newsletter: A service whereby dynamic contents such as news, offers,..can be sent to all the subscribed users as an email

I figured out certain differences, which would help us out to find out the difference between an RSS and a Newsletter



We based service through XML

Web based service through HTML

Datas are delivered to RSS readers and aggregators

Datas are delivered to email account subscribed

Contents would be crawled by spiders

Search engine cannot access Newsletters contents

Helps Websites, blogs,..to get good Search engine ranking

It doesn't helps to get good Search engine ranking

Increases website traffick

It does not increase website traffick

RSS feeds occupies lesser file size

Newsletters are normally bigger than RSS feeds

Spam free

Open to spam

Organising and reading Feeds are more user friendly

Organising and reading newsletters are not as user friendly as feeds

More secure way of communication

Less secure as you use your contact details such as email address

Lots of options in RSS Readers and aggreagotors to email and bookmark the updates

Options left based on your email account provider

Theres no specific storage size as such(unsure)

Storage size for newsletter depends upon the email service provider

The above few points must have thrown light on why RSS is becoming popular than Newsletter.If you know any other points to add or corrections pls let me know.

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