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Raja Ramachandran

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quigo's here, beware Google and Yahoo

Google and Yahoo one of the few web tycoons which predominates in performance based advert model.

We all very well know that unless one transforms frequent innovative ideas into reality, his/her product is doomed to loose its market value.

This statement has become very true when "Time Inc" annouced their merge with Quigo to provide PPC based campaigns on Time Inc network magazines which was previously handled by Google and Yahoo.Time Inc collaboration with Quigo is to gain access on Quigo's "Ad sonar" a performance based ad network.The other companies which has changed to Quigo are ESPN.com, Forbes.com and FoxNews.com.

The reason for this change to "Ad Sonar" is because of its excellent targeting and simple yet transparent reporting capabilities.Their ‘AdSonar’ technology allows advertisers to target ads contextually with specific keywords, by website section or by individual webpage.

Recognizing the demand for control and transparency, Google recently introduced placement performance reports so that, as per Quigo, advertisers can see where their ads have appeared along with site performance metrics(Refer to my earlier post title "Google Adwords now provides Placement Performance reports")


Rodrigo said...

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