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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Growing Ad Network a threat to Ad server Vendors

In the last 1 year, our online advertising market has seen lots of Ad network being established, and few other international ad network eying to start up their operations in potential market.Given this situation, publishers are of great demand and the ad networks does all it can to attract the publishers.As a part of this, Ad networks has started to offer Free Ad servers.

Normally, every Ad network ties up with some ad serving vendor, so as to run ad operation across its network websites.But with the prevailing competition between Ad networks, as an attracting formula the Ad networks provides FREE Ad server, which they have built in-house and which comes with fully loaded features alike commercial Ad server such as campaign management, Targeting, Report, Compatible to rich Media, Real Time campaign Monitoring and optimizing. A publisher must sign with this Ad network to avail this free Ad server.Further this ad server are .ASP based, Hosted model type, and publisher doesn't have to host it(BIG Sigh of Relief).

Can't Believe ?

Few months ago, Right Media made a bold move and announced their Publisher Media Exchange product will enable publishers to have free ad serving and manage their inventory.

Very recently Exponential, a parent company of Tribal Fusion has announced that it is going to offer Free ad Server "Expo9" to its Publisher, this server is currently doing its Beta Phase.

hey kool toon huh, howz my creativity :-)

However Open source Ad server "Open ads" and any other would be popular among small and medium segment websites, or even with some small ad networks.With this new trend, speculations prevails that this would influence even the BIG Ad serving Vendors like Doubleclick, RealMedia, ...to consider providing the service free of cost.

Lets see what this BIG players have to say

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