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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Facts about online Video Adverts

Recently a study "Frames Of Reference" was conducted by Online Publishers Association to measure the effectiveness of online video ads.The study has been carried out on 1241 internet users having age between 12 & 64 and who belonged to US The study revealed some interesting and valuable informations about online videos
  • News videos are the most frequently watched than any other videos(so advertisers can target more news related publishers)
  • 5% of internet users watch video daily, 24% watch video once in a week, and 46% watch once in a month
  • Online Video viewers are frequent consumers of multiple media like email, chat,.etc.So this point tells us that the viewers are cross-media consumers
  • Letting others know about the online video seen has become common
  • Online Video viewers are predominantly young male and affluent
  • Online users uses 2~5 different websites to see videos
  • 42% of the users uses search engine to search videos
  • Email is the most frequent way to share online videos
  • Viewers comes from attractive demographics
So, what the study has for online video adverts, it says
  • Long Video ads outshine shorter online video ads.So 30sec online video advert has a greater response than 15sec short video adverts
  • Online Video ads has good reception and further it results in user's action through videos
I think, longer video adverts would not work out in current India, as we still have broadband connection speed @ 2mbps, whereas in a country like US which has broadband speed up to 50mbps these factors sensible.

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