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Raja Ramachandran

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MediaSeed- New Arrival

Media Seed a new tool that allows advertisers and publishers to upload, distribute and track the videos.With this tool, the Clients can upload video and other rich media content to the dashboard, syndicate the content and then track user views through the Teletrax service.

"Video on the Internet is a key target [for public relations professionals]," said Laurence Moskowitz, CEO, MediaLink.

With MediaSeed, Advertisers can create their online communities for their product or services or even build their brand image.Research has shown that building micro sites and offering users a platform to share their ideas has become crucial.This would enable one to engage their audience to grow their brand image.

To name some real paradigms, are "Gangofgirls.com" (Sunslik), "Itchguard.com"(Itch Guard),...

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mediainfo said...

Hi great new Web 2.0 Advertising Portal, whynotad FREE portal and great for business and personal ads. I was given a sneak preview and this is one great site. I believe the live launch is Saturday 4th August, you can google it 'whynotad'