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Raja Ramachandran

Monday, July 16, 2007

Web2.0 concept on Banner ads

We have seen quite a lot of Ad types such as normal Gif/jpeg banner, Over the page, interstitials, streaming audios/Videos and also full page ads.Recently a new ad type has been launched whose connotation perfectly syncs with the industry type it belongs.

The banner allows one to transact on a secured layer.A viewer can actually see, learn and be able to buy a product without going beyond the banner ad.This concept has been introduced by the London based agency fhlame, and they call it as "Tailgate".This concept makes a prospect buyer's life easier by preventing him/her from going to advertiser's website to transact.

Try the Demo Click Here

Though this concept does good role in making transaction easier, certain significant factors that needs to be considered are
  • Who would store the transacted data?If the fhlame maintains, how many advertisers would feel comfortable despite knowing the possible chances to misuse collected data for other similar advertisers
  • The banner ad content would get congested.Lets say for a mobile handset advertisement, the advertiser has to put even the technical specs along with other infos of the mobile for one to buy.But the trend so far is, the creative which has minimal content does good conversions
This idea seems to be time effective however when we look at the other influencing market research data, this idea has to be further tunned.

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