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Raja Ramachandran

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AOL acquires TACODA

AOL has recently announced that it will acquire behavioral ad network TACODA.Sources close to the situation has informed that AOL would pay $275 million in cash to TACODA.

TACODA enables advertisers to serve ads based on the online behavior of consumers. With this functionality AOL will be able to extend its targeting capabilities, as well as the reach of its third-party display network, the largest in the US.Moving forward, TACODA will function as a wholly-owned AOL subsidiary.

Last June eMarketer reported that the behavioral targeting market was expected to increase to $3.8 billion by 2011, up from $350 billion in '06.

More details on Marketing VOX

I personaly feel that Behavioral Targeting in india has started catching its fire with Komli ad network started to provide BT, Yahoo started to provide smart ads which is again BT, with AOL acquiring TACODA, soon AOL India might start providing BT.

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