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Raja Ramachandran

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Microsoft acquires ADECN

The acquisition spree still continues all the big www still continuing their shopping.

The recent acquisition is by "Microsoft", which has acquired Ad exchange network "ADECN".ADECN, provides a base for all the ad networks to bid, buy and sell their ad spaces in real time.As everybody knows ADECN is a competitor of RightMedia, which is a product of Yahoo.So it is apparent that there would be a tough tie bewteen microsoft and Yahoo.

With the development of network with microsoft, the ADECN has major scope of taking their ad exchange network to new heights.

My view while this trend continues is, the e market place becomes shorter and shorter and leaving marketers with limited options.But at the same time I am sure that, these changes would enable production of more sophisticated techniques for better ROI.

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