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Raja Ramachandran

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ad Serving on YouTube

You Tube has started to ad serve.Mainly after much speculations among advertisers and YouTube fans, the GoogleTube now officially started their adverts.

So far on the site, below were the ad units, I have noticed
  • 300x35 gif/jpeg banner
  • 300x250 gif/jpeg banner
  • In line video along with a 300x250 companion gif/jpeg banner
All the adverts are pushed through Doubleclick's DFP.I have taken few screen shots of the same
  • A small banner ad below the main video content is displayed(as highlighted at the left hand side), refer screen shot below
  • A click on this banner ad, would expand to a Video ad and starts to play which is clickable to the advertiser's page
  • A static companion 300x250 banner is displayed at the right hand throughout the main video, which is again clickable
  • Video ads here are less intrusive in nature, and video plays ONLY when the user clicks on the small banner below main video
  • When a user clicks on the ad, the acutal video is paused
  • YouTube is serving ads only on the popular videos which are rich in quality.Advertisers get big relief by this, as many were doubting, whether would their adverts be displayed on all lousy video uploads by Youtube users


maneesh said...

like u said we ve been waitin.. it had to happen..

found ur blog thru blogcatalog.. nice oneu got here :)

Raja said...

thanks, keep reading :-)