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Raja Ramachandran

Friday, August 3, 2007

Best Online ad trafficking practices

I have jotted down few points which I think are the most essential qualities for all online ad traffickers to follow along with their everyday trafficking process.

General Practices

  • Do not touch the ad server before you read and understand the traffick request thoroughly
  • Check for any attachments and download if any (such as Creative, IO’s, Trafficking sheet, etc)
  • While replying the clients always remember to include information like Campaign ID, Ad ID, and creative ID instead of long campaign/ad names. Fact is Id’s are easy to search in ad servers
  • Once your work is finished on the ad server, just remember to put a brief note of your work in the comment field (if any) in the ad server. This piece of information would help your successor/QA person to understand your work
  • Prepare a matrix containing different page groups and its corresponding dimension for quick reference
  • Readers, it is a good habit to document a complete trafficking guideline. This document would be useful to you as well as your team to maintain a knowledge base which can be further shared with fellow traffickers and new joiners
  • While replying to your client, first type the email body and then attach files(if any) and at last include the email ids required

Technical practices

  • Whenever you deal with inventory booking, first run an availability inventory forecast and then book the inventory. Doing this way help you to understand the inventory available and avoid overbooking
  • Check for the creative specifications such as creative file size, Creative looping, Dimension against the website specifications
  • For Zone Targeting check if the sent creative and zone dimension matches (For example Page group “Horoscope” on a given website would accept only creative of dimension 400x400)
  • Check for the Landing page, by pasting the given LP on to the browser and see if it renders properly without error. If you get error then check with various browsers
  • For any TPS (3rd party served) Tags ensure you implement correct click tracking and cache busting (Cookie Defeating) of your ad server
  • Before making the ad live, ensure that the creative previews and click thru works fine


Kamal said...

Hey Raja...Its a very good article...A must read for all traffickers..Shall I circulate this to my team here!!! :)

Raja Ramachandran said...

sure !

Nitesh Gosalia said...

Thanx for the tips!