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Raja Ramachandran

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Apple's iPhone, Google's GPhone?

Now that Apple's iphone frenzy is kinda over.Speculations prevails that Google is working on a major cell phone project as it is in talks with wireless carriers particularly with T-mobile about offering its phone it designed.

Sources says Google already started developing a web browser exclusively for mobiles.We all know that the next big medium for advertisments on the internet going to be an hybrid model integrating the power of internet, mobile and IPTV and having the current trend of soaring mobile advertising, it is of no wonder to me if google spending millions of dollars in its mobile initiative.

According to the newspapers the mobile would not be available in the market until atleast 2008, in the mean time let me guess what would google name their phone a Gphone may be? alike Apple's iphone.


Design for MySpace said...

Raja- the other day I was also wondering about Google's OS and browser because that is where google has to beat Apple

Raja said...

Oh yeah, quite sometime back I heard Google is working on its OS, unsure what its UI looks like.

Bwt, microsoft has come up with Surface computing

Check it out