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Raja Ramachandran

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comparison between Hardcoded Adverts and Ad Server served Adverts

Currently two ways of online advertisements are placed on the publisher.Usually smaller websites(in terms of web site Traffic) employs hardcoding of advertisments whereas medium and bigger publishers uses a specialized ad server software to delivers online adverts.So I made a comparison between two types, which should give ad traffickers a good insight

Hardcoded Adverts

Ad server served Adverts

Creative units are directly embedded on the web pages, thereby limiting the volume of advertiser ads on a page, so monetization is limited

Ad call tag are embedded on the web pages, Since ads are called through Ad tags all the scheduled ads would be delivered, thereby accelerating the revenue

Optimization of the campaign cannot be done so paving way to poor campaign performance

Manual/Auto optimization is done, so best performing unit given more priority, so advertisers gets maximum out of their investments

Targeting at geo-level would be complex as a separate IP pool should be maintained

Ad server maintains and updates their IP pool regularly so efficient geo-targeting is possible

Advanced targeting like Demographic, browser, operating system, ISP and behavioral targeting cannot be done

Core level targeting is possible to bring out better ROI to the advertisers from the inventory used

Lack of Compatibility with rich media ad types like expanding banners, over the page ads, interstitials and streams

Ad server technologies would integrate well with rich media technologies

Only basic level reporting is possible

Ad servers would provide customizable reports, where in we can run the report to analyze various metrics like campaign delivery for a specific time, location, etc

Difficult to implement 3rd party tracking system

Easy to implement

More manual intervention is required thus providing room for err

Almost everything is automated so room for err is negligible

Tedious to organize the campaign of advertisers

Simple to organize advertiser’s campaign

Manual billing is done for the campaigns

Billing report can be automatically done based on campaigns

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